Are Economists Japan's New Exports?

I created a list of Japanese economists who currently work at universities outside of Japan: Link.

Although the list is still incomplete (it may never be complete), the number of economists has already reached 100! This is far beyond my expectation!! And so, making the list has taken much longer time than I expected...

As you might know, getting an academic job at a good research university is very difficult, even if you have a Ph.D. from a top school. The list shows that Japanese economists, especially among the young generation (those graduated their colleges in the late 90's or later), are highly competitive. In recent years, it is not uncommon for Japanese junior economists to get international academic jobs posted in the JOE.

I wish my list help visualizing the great success of overseas Japanese economists, and stimulate domestic Japanese economists as well. By the way, a list of Japanese economists who work at domestic universities (with reasonably good research outputs) is now in preparation. Don't miss it!

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