Foundations of Law and Economics

I just borrowed "Foundation of Law and Economics," the collection of papers on law and economics from the library. This is a volume of The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics (No. 239), which impressed me a lot. According to the publisher's website, it is described as:
This landmark collection of essays provides an overview of the essential theories and methods used in the study of law and economics. The editors’ careful selection includes substantial contributions from other disciplines that shed new light on the assumptions, theories and methods that may enhance the understanding of human behavior. The first part presents papers discussing theories central to the foundations of law and economics. The second part offers papers describing a variety of methodologies designed to improve traditional economic models.

This insightful volume is an essential reference source for law and economic scholars, whether they are delving into the field or determining the future direction of their research.
(bold by yyasuda).
The papers are carefully selected by the leading scholars of this field (see the content here). This collection is recommended especially for those who are interested in behavioral law and economics.

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