Microeconomic Analysis - G6218

Original article (link) posted: 13/09/2005

Today, I attended the first class of G6218 which is an advanced microeconomics for upper class students by Professor Dutta. The course covers basic issues in dynamic economics and consists of the following three parts.

1) Dynamic Programming: The theory of single-agent models
2) Repeated/Dynamic Games: The theory of multi-agent models
3) Application: A strategic analysis of climate change

Although there is no required textbook, the two books listed below seems to be useful.

Stokey, Lucas and Prescott (1989) "Recursive Methods in DYnamic Economics" for (1)
Fudenberg and Tirole (1991) "Game Theory" for (2)

Since professor Dutta is very good at teaching and the topics are interesting for me and deep in mathematics, I am thinking to take this course. It should be better to bring SLP from Princeton... (I asked my friends in Princeton to keep my books.)

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