Frontiers of Science

I have been to Potsdam in Germany on Nov. 11 - 14 to attend 7th Japanese-German Frontiers of Science Symposium 2010 (link). It's a really interdisciplinary conference jointly organized by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Japan Society for the Promotion of  Science.

I was a invited speaker of the social science session titled "New Methods in Decision Making" (session list), and talked about "Recent Developments in Market Design and its Applications to School Choice" (slide). It was quite exciting to give a presentation to researchers from completely different fields, mainly from natural science. Although I didn't have enough time to cover the details of my own studies, many of them seem to get surprised to see how powerful and useful game theoretical tools are.

I also enjoyed the talks and discussions in other sessions very much. Most of topics were unfamiliar to me of course, but their frontier works looked truly exciting. This was a wonderful opportunity indeed! Many thanks to the organizers and participants :)

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