AER (September 2010)

The hard-copy of the American Economic Review (September 2010, link) has arrived in late December, which seems to contain lots of interesting papers (as usual). The following is the list of papers whose titles especially attracted me.
  • "Morally Motivated Self-Regulation" by David Baron
  • "Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive?" by Leemore Dafny
  • "The Law of the Few" by Andrea Galeotti and Sanjeev Goyal
  • "Monopoly Price Discrimination and Demand Curvature" by Inaki Aguirre, Simon Cowan and John Vickers
  • "Strategic Redistricting" by Faruk Gul and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
  • "A Price Theory of Multi-Sided Platforms" by Glen Weyl
  • "When Does Communication Improve Coordination?" by Tore Ellingsen and Robert Ostling
I should definitely check them out. They all look really interesting :)

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