World's Most Expensive Tuna

A 511-pound tuna was sold for a record-breaking $175,000 in Tsukiji, the world biggest fish market in Tokyo! Can you believe that? The news (link) reports as follows.
Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market is known worldwide as the top place to buy fish. It is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market on the planet!
Over 400 different types of seafood are sold there, with an average yearly value of sales at $5.5 billion.
It came as no surprise that a 511-pound tuna finally broke the sale record, at $175,000! Almost four times the weight of an average Japanese man, the tuna was caught off the northern tip of the main island Honshu, where many prize fish are found.
It was bought jointly by two Tokyo restaurants and an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, to be divided up after the sale. It is the biggest sale since the previous 2001 record, when a 440-pound tuna sold for $220,000.

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